“We try to be more efficient than the farmer could be himself. We’re offering a service that gives farmers a way to keep planting their fields and still control the crop and its destiny.”

 – Mike Bushman, Owner, B & B Agri Sales, LLC

B & B offers a custom service for nearly every aspect of your crop farm. We can plant your seed in the spring, apply the right type and amount of chemical and fertilizer as needed and harvest your crop in the fall. We can even deliver it to market for you. On top of that, we sell seed, chemicals and fertilizer right out of our shop, so there’s no need for you to waste time searching for product.

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B&B Custom Services 

Pioneer Seed

B & B Agri Sales has been working with the Pioneer company for nearly 20 years to bring their top-rated corn, bean and alfalfa seed to our customers. We collaborate individually with our customers each year to determine what seed technology is the most likely to produce the highest yields in each specific field.

Chemicals & Fertilizer

Contact B & B for more information regarding the top trending, high quality crop protection tools we offer. Call (608) 687-3918 or email us at info@bbagsales.com

Custom Field Services

  • Planting

  • Spraying

  • Spreading

  • Chisel Plow/Turbo Tilling

  • Combining

  • Trucking/Hauling