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Who qualifies for PRF Insurance?

PRF is targeted specifically for those farmers and ranchers who use Pasture, Rangeland or Forage acres for the use of growing hay or grazing cattle.

Who qualifies for DRP insurance?
What is the Trigger Grid Index?
What is the NOAA CPC?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center. This is the entity who collects precipitation data and obtains Rainfall Index information.

What is the Final Grid Index?
What is the difference between the coverage level and the protection factor?
What is the County Base Value (CBV) and how is it determined?
What are Index Intervals and how should I choose them?

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If a claim is triggered, how is my indemnity determined?

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How many custom sprayer trucks has B&B built?
How long has B&B Agri Sales been in business?
How is my total liability per grid determined?

County Base Value x Coverage Level x Protection Factor

Does it matter what my actual crop production is?

No. PRF does not measure actual crop production, and you do not need to submit any information regarding your actual production. The only time an indemnity payment is sent is when your Final Grid Index is lower than the Trigger Grid Index for that area.

Do I need to submit a claim to receive an insurance payout?

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Can I insure individual grids in different index intervals?

Yes. Each grid of land is considered unique. Index intervals, coverage levels and protection factors can all be tailored independently by grid.