Mike Bushman, owner of B&B Agri Sales, has been part of the business since he was a teenager. His late father, Carl Bushman, began their business simply spraying fields. As the years progressed, however, Mike expanded the operation into a full range of farm services that included custom planting and combining. Eventually, B&B Agri Sales also began manufacturing sprayer trucks for sale as well as offering planting and harvesting services to farmers.

Today, Mike and his two sons, Kyle and Lee, are busier than ever as they continue to broaden their horizons. Their most recent endeavor, providing quality crop insurance to farmers, brings the business full circle. Now, from start to finish, B&B truly does it all. They can sell you the seed, plant it, apply the fertilizer and chemicals, harvest your crop and haul it to market — All while ensuring that your livelihood is protected with an insurance plan that suits your farm best.

The Bushmans have three generations of farming in their blood. They know firsthand what you endure every day, and they are committed to working with you, not for you, to make your life easier and help your business thrive.