B & B Sprayers

Built Tough. Built Smart. Built for Comfort.


Dependability –Time is of the essence for farmers, so broken, unreliable equipment is simply not an option. That’s why B & B’s goal is to produce the highest quality machines that keep you running and won’t let you down.


B & B knows how important it is to have equipment capable of accurately applying a variety of chemicals and fertilizers at a wide range of application rates. We pride ourselves on manufacturing trucks that do just that.


Farming is hard, dirty work. We aren’t afforded many luxuries in the field. That’s why most farmers truly appreciate the many extra conveniences built into B & B Sprayers.

Fabricated Spray Trucks

Tire Package

No matter what your fields or crop require, B & B can provide you with the tires and wheels needed to get the job done.

Diaphragm Pump

The heart of any sprayer is the pump. B & B uses a durable, wear-resistant, high-volume transfer diaphragm pump that many consider to be the “Cadillac” of all sprayer pumps.

Operator Seat

When you sit in the operator seat you will truly understand that the total unit is built for operator convenience and comfort. Our trucks all include an, adjustable, full-suspension bucket seat, a state of the art finger- tip controlled console, and clearly visible gauges and monitors.

Loading Station

Everything is conveniently located within arm’s reach. The carrier and the chemical can be loaded at the same time, and fresh water is included to wash with when you are finished.